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Jennifer Lawrence BTS of X-Men DOFP

Anonymous said: i don't think jen looks like she's lost weight? she's been that size since the oscars 2013 after she got really sick. people need to stop freaking out she looks healthy and happy.

I also got this anon so i’ll reply to them them together:

I don’t think Jennifer looks any skinnier? She may have lost a little bit of weight but she’s still curvy and definitely not ‘skinny’ in a bad way.

Exactly, she is by no means “hollywood skinny”, not that it would make her any less of a person if she were! Besides, her weight really shouldn’t matter to us anyways :) She’s an outstanding actress, and has such a vibrant and loveable personality, any change that may happen to her physically over the years will never change that!
She could grow three heads and eight arms and she’d still be the same loveable idiot to me :P
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that’s what you and I do. P R O T E C T each other.

Anonymous said: :o i was so surprised when i saw how jen looks. She talks so much about being body- positive and how she doesn't wanna look like a skeleton, and she looks like a ghost.

Body positivity isn’t about how much you weigh, it’s about our personal feelings about our bodies. How we view ourselves individually, and within society. 

Sometimes we can put on, or lose weight, through no fault of our own. It’s just how our bodies work. I think it’s unlikely that we will ever find one individual who stays the same weight for their whole adult life. Stressors can come along, and may cause us to either lose, or put on weight.

Body positivity is accepting this, accepting that our body mass does not change who we are as people, and that losing or putting on weight does not make us any less, or more of a person. 

We’re still in the game.

People always talk about how Jen’s so funny, and she is. She lightens the serious on-set mood in a great way, but they don’t see the fact that when they say ‘action,’ she’s serious about her work and portraying her character the right way. I love that about her—it’s inspiring that she can balance having fun on set while also being serious.
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