Anonymous said: I dont see a reason why their PR should say something, for what? Give the media a reason to talk about their private life even more? When all they do is to keep it to themselves? It would be away out of character for them to acknowledge this kind of rumor, even if its true. That's one of the reasons I love Joult, they know who they are and they're famous for their work and not private life, even though we fans think we know a lot, we don't. They know what they're here for, clearly not tabloids.


Thank you!  Exactly!  

I could not agree more on the part that "even though we fans think we know a lot, we don’t."

With that, I’m moving on and not going to answer another anon question about rumor.


I would just like to inform and point out to the entire Hunger Games Fandom that this young man being displayed alongside the Queen of cinema is in fact me! My name is Joshua Hernandez and not that it’s important or vital to express this or anything but I just want to be clear that I am also a fanboy, so you could imagine the difficulty I had containing myself throughout filming this scene, but I was able to keep my composure for the sake of the film and I am very grateful and glad I had this opportunity! I’ve also had the great pleasure of freaking out these past 24 hours over the fact that I have been featured in thousands of gifs and graphics and I cannot be any happier! I’d like to thank Tumblr, my tumblr followers, Jennifer Lawrence, Francis Lawrence, Suzanne Collins, my mom & dad, my cat Mr. Kitty and most importantly the post production editing team of the film for deciding not to cut me out. Thank you!

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Michael Fassbender At The Ron Haslam Race School Today (x, x, x)

'I will show them, I can go too, I don't need them to invite me, I'm having so much fun alone I don't need them! Hahaha… *crying*'

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i don’t even want an everlark sex scene in mj part 2 i just want a scene when they see each other in district 12 after all is said and done and katniss approaches peeta slowly and he brushes some hair out of her eyes and she starts to cry and they hug and then he starts to cry too and they grieve together over all they have lost ok that’s all i ask

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You da best

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Jennifer Lawrence at the ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Q&A at Yahoo {Part 1/4}

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